OECD Report: Environment at a ...15 January 2014

These are the environmental stats that will be oft quoted over the next few months: OECD report http://tinyurl.com/kvxcx76

Sadly for Australians, the amount of energy needed to create one unit of GDP is the second highest (or poorest) ac...

Without Bounds: Kiri-ganai at ...15 February 2013

Kiri-ganai Research's Managing Director, Prof Richard Price, recently spoke at the Sustainability 2013 Conference held in Hiroshima, Japan. Richard addressed the topic of interdisciplinary approaches to developing national environmenta...

Found in translation: translat...4 February 2013

What's the difference between language translation and translating what we hear when we consult people about R&D issues? Very little. We think the following seven secrets to good language translation by Darnya Zakharenko can be u...
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